Wild Stories was in Cannes for its debut MIP this October offering exciting new additions to the slate in Adventure and Human Interest genres. 

Myles Pizzey´s RHINO CUP was the first of the new titles on the slate. Currently in Production, RHINO CUP is a close up and innovative look at poaching.  The doc delves beneath the surface of poaching by getting to grips with the harsh reality and analyzing the impact of the “beautiful game” on the protection of one of the world´s most spectacular but endangered animals. 

La Casa Roja Producciones´ adventure-travel doc THE LAST ADVENTURE OF THE GANDUL was also bought to the Croisette by WILD STORIES.  What starts out as a “smooth sailing” final voyage for the “Gandul” becomes an epic journey from Las Palmas to the Caribbean, threatening the safe return of the crew and the Gandul itself.   

As well as the new additions to the slate WILD STORIES presented stunning 4K predator series WILD HUNTERS (13 x 52´) , the fun and family friendly series WILD WORKERS and TERRA INCOGNITA´s epic new 4K offering ; WILD LATAM