NATPE 2019

At Wild Stories we kicked off what is going to be a jam-packed 2019 in Miami Beach for the annual NATPE.   

We were delighted to unveil more details on TERRA INCOGNITA´S 4K series “WILD LATAM” 13 x 52´ which is gaining lots of interest and momentum in both North and South America.  Watch this space !

Off the back of NATPE it´s also going to be a big year for Myles Pizzey´s “RHINO CUP” which will soon be entering post-production and TV Burabha´s “LEARNING TO BE WILD”.  TERRA INCOGNITA´s series “WILD WORKERS” will soon be entering the final stages of post and very shortly we´ll be able to announce exciting news on their predator series “WILD HUNTERS